Estate agency job availability falls by two thirds in a year

12 August 2020 | General

Research by property recruitment specialist Rayner Personnel has revealed that the estate agency sector saw the number of available jobs fall during the second quarter of this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic caused the property market to close its doors under lockdown restrictions.

Rayner analysed data from the Office for National Statistics which showed 4,000 estate agency jobs available in the second quarter of this year. This compares to the 14,000 that were recorded the previous quarter, and sees the sector rank as one of the lowest for current job availability of all main SIC industry sectors.

The sector has also seen the sixth largest quarterly decline of all industries on an annual basis, and has seen the ninth largest decline in job availability. There were three times as many vacancies available (12,000) this time last year, then the latest figures suggest.

Josh Rayner, founder and chief executive of Rayner Personnel, said: “A dramatic reduction in job vacancies across the property sector during the second quarter of this year should come as little surprise given the industry-wide lockdown, with those who may have been hiring unable to do so due to operational restrictions.

“While it was a rough few months for the sector, the reopening of the market has seen it bounce back and we should spare a thought for those in worst-affected industries who are yet to see this happen.

“The good news is that in July we’ve seen a notable number of jobs coming to the market, there are no signs of a deluge of redundancies in the sector as of yet, and this has been bolstered by a market that has shown significant signs of improvement both where buyer interest and transactions are concerned.

“So those that currently find themselves between roles should be ready to move to give themselves the best chance of securing a position. As always, polishing your personal brand and ensuring your approach to a role demonstrates why you are the most relevant and best-suited applicant is the best place to start.

“Of course, having an outstanding recruiter also helps a great deal.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.