Epoxy Flooring is Worth the Investment

8 June 2020 | Construction

If you have been thinking about a new floor for either the residential or commercial property you have probably already considered various options and realized that each comes with its own benefits as while as downsides such as price if you happen to be on a budget for this particular project. An epoxy flooring company noted that how much you spend on the flooring will depend on various factors such as how big the floor in question happens to be and the quality of the flooring that you would like.

For example, if what you want is high-quality, you will certainly want to consider epoxy flooring options but you have to realize that this type of flooring is not exactly cheap; but, as any expert would tell you if you asked, epoxy flooring is definitely worth the investment since it comes with amazing benefits such as a being truly durable and able to withstand heavy and constant traffic, ensuring that it will last a long time.

How much does Epoxy Flooring Cost?

While considering the various possible flooring options that you have come across, you probably came to realize that epoxy flooring would make an excellent choice since it comes with so many benefits but this awesome type of flooring does come with a considerable price tag and that has to be taken into account. However, if you do happen to finally decide on epoxy flooring, you will certainly appreciate the quality of your new floor and how much money you end up spending once it is all said and done will depend on various factors such as how much square footage has to be remodeled in your garage, warehouse, or wherever it is that you want your new floor.

Something else that will impact the cost of your new epoxy floor is the condition that your floor is currently and whether there are repairs that have to be looked into before the epoxy installation can begin or not. Of course, not every epoxy flooring company charges the same price so you will come across varying estimates once you start to ask around, but if the flooring in question happens to be for a regular-sized home, homeowners will spend anywhere from $1,100 to $2400 for their new epoxy floor; the cost will obviously be much higher if the epoxy flooring is for commercial property since it will be much bigger. That might seem like a lot of money to spend on flooring, choosing an epoxy floor despite the cost is definitely worth it and here is why:

  • Durability that cannot be matched

Durability should be a big concern when choosing a new floor because you certainly do not want to have to spend money on flooring every few years. A high-quality epoxy floor should last about 20 years with proper maintenance and even longer depending on how it is treated. There is simply no other flooring option that comes close to epoxy floors and that makes them great for both residential and commercial properties.


  • Epoxy flooring adds value

As a property owner, you know that any improvement that you make to your property adds value to it and the same is true of choosing to install an epoxy floor. Selling your residential or commercial property might be the furthest thing from your mind right now, but that can easily change from one day to the next, and, if it does, buyers should be willing to pay more for a property that has an epoxy floor. Installing an epoxy floor can be seen as an investment in this way.

  • An Epoxy floor is safer

One of the best benefits of choosing an epoxy floor for either a residential or commercial property is the fact that it adds safety since epoxy coatings happen to be both water and fire-resistant. As you probably already know from experience, you are bound to spill something in your garage or wherever else your new epoxy floor is going to be, but those spills will no longer be an issue for your floor. Likewise, should there be a fire, your floor will not catch fire, keeping any damage to a minimum.


The Right Epoxy Flooring Company

With everything that you have learned so far about epoxy flooring, you have to agree that there is no better choice for your property and that the added cost is definitely worth it. When looking for the right epoxy flooring company to hire, make sure to ask about experience and guarantees to ensure that you are choosing wisely.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.