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Email campaign urges Jenrick to avoid “unfair evictions, homelessness”

7 July 2020 | Renting

Email campaign urges Jenrick to avoid “unfair evictions, homelessness”

Shelter has launched an email campaign to the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, urging him to act to avoid “unfair evictions that could lead to more homelessness.”

The campaigning charity does not specify whether it wants Jenrick to extend the existing eviction ban – scheduled to finish in late August – or scrap evictions completely, as some other campaigns have urged.

On social media the charity says: “The Coronavirus outbreak has lifted the lid on our failing, unaccountable, and expensive renting system. 

“Renters are among the hardest hit by the pandemic gripping the country. Some 1.7m are worried they will lose their jobs and face the prospect of not being able to pay the rent. Under current laws they could also lose their home.”

It goes on to say that Jenrick has some 10 days to act – that is, the period before Parliament breaks for its summer recess – and it urges those in agreement to email Jenrick; as of last evening it was nearing its 10,000 target.

However. the campaign makes no reference on social media as to whether the ban should merely be extended or scrapped completely, nor does it say what should happen with the large backlog of eviction cases still awaiting conclusion and which do not relate to the pandemic.

Last week junior housing minister Lord Greenhalgh announced that “from 24 August 2020, the courts will begin to process possession cases again. This is an important step towards ending the lockdown and will protect landlords’ important right to regain their property.”

This follows five months when evictions were effectively banned in a bid to ease housing issues at the time of the Coronavirus crisis.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.