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DIY Projects have risen in 2020 as people postpone holidays

22 October 2020 | Construction

2020 saw a rise in people spending more time
on DIY than on holidays amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Google searches for
home improvement increased by over a third in comparison to searches for
last-minute deals which declined by almost half.

Throughout the pandemic, people were
converting garages, attics and spare rooms into offices as working from home
became the new normal. One of the biggest rises in searches was “pub shed”
which quadrupled as British people started to replicate their local establishment
from the comfort of their garden.

During the lockdown, the UK experienced some
of it’s the hottest weather to date. This encouraged the public to take
advantage of the nice weather and improve their garden. This could have ranged
from chopping down trees and bushes to creating a vegetable patch for growing
those vegetables that became difficult to get in the shop.

More people had time on their hands due to
the furlough scheme and entertainment facilities, restaurants and pubs closing
down so people were looking for ways to improve their home and spend their days
of isolation.

When the country shut down and other countries shut their borders, it is not a surprise that searches for holidays decreased. When the world started to slowly open up in July, DIY searches continued to rise as there were still restrictions on travel including isolation periods. People chose to stay at home to finish the jobs that they had started.

What home improvement can I
do during a pandemic?

One of the most common ways to improve your
home is to change your flooring. Depending on your budget there are multiple
options available:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: a realistic
    photographic print and a clear vinyl layer which gives the impression of wood
    or tiles.
  • Wood Flooring: a solid wood
    floor which is the perfect choice for the lounge, kitchen or hallway.
  • Laminate Flooring: adds a
    natural aspect to any room. Available in a wide range of patterns and some
    ranges are water-resistant.

Kitchens are also a great way to improve your
home during the pandemic. Some of the easiest ways to improve your kitchen are
to replace your taps and sinks to a more reliable and stylish
option. If you’re looking for another way to improve your kitchen consider
replacing your worktops with new more hygienic versions.

One of the final ways you can improve your
home during a pandemic is to replace your old tiles in your bathroom with
Showerwall panels. These can be placed in shower cubicles, around baths, behind
basins, or cover an entire room. These are once again easy to fit and can be
installed using simple tools. Adding a Showerwall panel to your bathroom is one
of the easiest ways to customise your bathroom. All Showerwall panels are built
to last with a 15-year warranty, so when you install them, you’ll know that
you’ve got a high-quality product on hand.

These are just some of the ways that people
improved their homes whilst the whole of the UK was in lockdown. People are
still discouraged from going on holiday so why not take this extra time whilst
the border entries are still limited and improve your home. To read the full
data, visit The Makeover Centre.

This post has originally been featured in UK Home Improvement Blog.