CommercialPeople Is Set To Shake Traditional Commercial Property Listing Market

15 June 2020 | Buying, General, Investment

Born from a simple, yet visionary, idea of creating a global, free to list property platform, Commercial People aims to disrupt the status quo and challenge the industry leaders.

Commercial People seek to connect & transform local real estate into a single, globally available platform, that is designed to facilitate the success of the most critical player in the property sector, the real estate agents.

The international appeal of our platforms provides agencies with a global, yet affordable solution to the financial-tyranny imposed by the current market-leading property portals.

Our unique selling point is that we give every agent the ability to market an unlimited amount of properties, completely free of charge, forever.

In addition to free listings and increased online visibility, Commercial People also offer optional premium marketing features such as a groundbreaking real-time online video generator that allows agents to share their properties online effortlessly.

Not content with being a mere listings portal, our platforms aim to elevate and enhance the brand of our partnering agents even further, through the use of promotional interviews and comment pieces across our industry-leading news platforms.

Along with the optional marketing suite, agents, service providers, businesses brokers and owners, can also gain exclusive marketing rights within their local area, helping them to stand out, and stay ahead of the competition.


Who Commercial People is For?

  • Commercial agents
  • Auction houses
  • International commercial agents
  • Property developers
  • Property owners
  • Property service professionals
  • Office providers
  • Residential agents
  • Business owners