Clampdown on HMOs by London council leads to big fines

28 September 2020 | Renting

Clampdown on HMOs by London council leads to big fines

A £5,000 fine has been handed to five landlords in London for failing to license HMOs. 

One of the properties, a four-bedroom HMO in Greenwich, was rented to four separate tenants and was identified following a resident’s complaint. 

Three of the landlords have properties in Charlton – a five-bedroom, seven-bedroom and five-bedroom HMO. The fifth landlord’s property is a five-bedroom HMO in Thamesmead. 

Greenwich council investigations uncovered hazards including damp, mould and overcrowding. 

One of the properties also posed a fire risk with no alarm, no fire doors and overloaded electrical sockets. 

A council spokesperson says: “Our HMO licensing requirement protects tenants by ensuring landlords are held legally responsible for meeting certain standards such as fire and general safety, as well as ensuring the property is in good condition. I’m encouraging landlords to come forward and work with the council to help protect their tenants and avoid being fined a hefty sum.”

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.