Brexit: Third of buy to let investors would change their vote now

27 April 2021 | Renting

Brexit: Third of buy to let investors would change their vote now

A third of buy to let investors would change the way they voted in the EU referendum if they could.

That’s the result of a survey of 500 BTL investors by agency Intus Lettings.

However, over 80 per cent of respondents say the UK quitting the EU has not changed the lettings market negatively.


Only 56 per cent stick by their 2016 vote – 32 per cent wish they could change while 12 per cent did not say.

Hope McKendrick, head of lettings at the agency, comments: “Brexit cast a long shadow over the last few years and plenty of people were concerned about how it would impact the property market. It’s incredibly encouraging to see so many landlords say that Brexit hasn’t had a negative impact on the market, and that’s reflected in the high demand for property sales and purchases we’re seeing across the country.”

“The outlook for the next year is also solid. A quarter of those we spoke to said they were very confident about the buy to let market outlook in the next 12 months — and a future 41 per cent were somewhat confident.”

The survey, undertaken by One Poll on behalf of Intus, also reveals that the average rental income per property is over £20,000, with 14 per cent of landlords taking in over £35,000 per year per property. 

“Our research found that landlords own, on average, 2.1 properties each, and 63 per cent say they’re planning to buy another within the next five years” says McKendrick. 

“This is really good news for the rental sector; it shows that landlords are feeling confident about the state of the market. For tenants, it means that there will be plenty of housing options available so they can find their perfect home.”

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.