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Barclays unveils portfolio buy-to-let products

17 June 2020 | General

Barclays has launched portfolio products for landlords from 2.11% to 75% LTV with a £1,795 fee.

These are for landlords with more than four buy-to-let properties.

There is also a 5-year buy-to-let purchase product at 2.05% to 75% LTV with a £1,295 fee.

Barclays has also launched residential products.

For example, there is a 2-year fixed rate at 1.70% and a 5-year fix at 1.75%, both available to 75% LTV with no fee.

Meanwhile there is a fee-free Help to Buy 2-year fix at 1.92% to 75% LTV.

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.