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Balance Your Needs for Home Protection and Privacy with Various Types of Window Screens

7 May 2020 | Construction

Just as much as you might want to create some open space at your home by constructing a patio or deck where you can relax and spend some time outdoor, you would also like to maintain privacy for which you must think of installing roller blinds or roll screens.

Similarly, roll screens for windows installation is also a good choice for enjoying openness while creating a safe indoor without compromising on privacy. Window screens help to improve ventilation while preventing bugs and insects from entering the house.

A lot of window screen materials are available that you can even use for covering any open space, and here are your options. The choice will depend upon the purpose of use.

Pet screen

Pet screen

To allow your pet to stay indoor while enjoying the view outside, you must install a pet screen at the points of exit and entry. Since the screen must withstand scratching by pets, these are made from some of the most durable window screens in the market. Vinyl coated polyester is the chosen material for its high durability because it is seven times stronger than standard window screen material. Besides, the material maintains excellent airflow and visibility. Pet screens are available in many colors, but silver and black are the most common.

Solar screen

Widow Screens are also excellent for protecting from the sun, which can damage the tapestries, furnishing, and furniture inside the home. Moreover, allowing too much sunlight inside homes can work against the home insulation and result in higher energy bills. To create cool, comfortable interiors without sacrificing the outdoor view, you must install some solar screen on windows that stave off the harmful UV rays and reduces the amount of sunlight that enters the home. Solar screens protect your home and save on energy bills by restricting sunlight in the house.

Dust and pollen filtering screen

Dust and pollen filtering screen

To maintain a dust-free environment inside homes without feeling claustrophobic, it is a good idea to install window screens that can minimize dust and pollen from entering inside. Dust and pollen create health hazards because it causes allergies that lead to respiratory problems, especially for those who have asthma. Special window screens are available created explicitly for preventing the harmful elements by trapping it on the screen to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Ultra-View screen

Those who are worried about window screens spoiling the experience of enjoying the outside view would find enough relief in installing Ultra-view screens that help to maintain as much visibility as you would enjoy without the screen. You would never feel that you have installed the screen except when you realize that there are no insects infiltrating through the windows and other open spaces where you have installed the screens. A fiberglass screen with a protective vinyl coating provides long term protection to your home while complementing the aesthetics very well.

Window screens are not only for installing on windows, but you can also use it in any open space like protecting your patio or deck.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.