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ARLA Propertymark slams last-ditch bid to stop evictions

24 September 2020 | Renting

ARLA Propertymark slams last-ditch bid to stop evictions

ARLA Propertymark has hit out against last minute attempts to effectively reinstate the eviction ban which finally came to an end last weekend.

Earlier this week Letting Agent Today reported on attempts by Liberal Democrat Baroness Olly Grender and Labour peer Lord Ponsonby of Shulbredeh to delay or reverse the end of the ban.

Both were using relatively obscure Parliamentary procedures in the House of Lords.

Now Timothy Douglas, ARLA Propertymark’s policy and campaigns manager, says: “No-one wants to see anyone unfairly evicted from their homes, but where necessary access to a swift, efficient, and cost-effective justice system is a key component of a successful lettings industry.

“Calls to block evictions will do nothing to improve the situation for tenants and landlords dealing with rent arears built up because of the impact of Coronavirus.

“Efforts must be focussed on ensuring the UK Government introduce emergency financial help to tenants in England who have fallen into arrears due to the pandemic. This is the only way to support those who are struggling and sustain tenancies.”

Yesterday afternoon the Lords rejected Baroness Grender’s bid to effectively reinstate the ban but voted in favour of the Labour motion – however, this was merely expressing “regret” at the end of the ban, and does not carry any legislative weight.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.