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Are Evaporative Air Coolers the Best Alternative to Air-Cons in Hot Areas?

1 June 2020 | Construction

If you reside in a hot and dry climate, you probably know how ruthless the sun can be. Keeping cool can be a challenge if you lack the right devices.

There are different cooling units, and evaporative air coolers are great choices for US residents. These systems work best in a hot and dry climate and are a must-have for every home.

Evaporative air coolers vs. air conditioners

1. Installation

Air conditioners and evaporative air coolers have a variety of installation processes. And this usually depends on the type, unit size, and place of connection. For instance, you require a professional to fix a central air conditioner, do the ductwork, and configure the ducts to support the unit. On the other hand, with a portable evaporative air cooler, you don’t need an expert to install your unit. Moreover, there’s no need to place it near a hose or water hookup.

2. Environment & Climate considerations

Evaporative air coolers are ideal for hot climates. They work so well in desert climates, and the reason is that they add moisture into the air. If the relative humidity is higher than 60%, a swamp cooler may not be as effective. Evaporative coolers work best in places like Texas, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

On the other hand, an air conditioner works excellently in different climates and is great for humid climates. If you acquire an air conditioner for a tropical environment, it will result in dry air, which can cause skin and eye problems.

3. Moisture retention & Expulsion

Evaporative air coolers fuse moisture into the air making your surroundings more comfortable. However, they may not be fitting for places with high humidity. They can raise the levels leading to mold and mildew.

Since an air conditioner expels moisture from the air, the unit can extricate moisture from the air in very humid areas. But, make it very dry if used in low-humidity areas.

3. Unit costs& Cost of operation

Evaporative air coolers and air conditioners come in varied costs. What determines the unit costs? The type of device, place of installation, and the need for professional installation are all critical aspects of price determination.
Unit costs& Cost of operation
Portable swamp coolers typically range from $ 100 to approximately $1,500. Portable air conditioners are available from $200 to $700, while window ones cost about $300 to $ 1200 or more. You can install both units without having to hire an expert.

In terms of energy consumption, an evaporative cooler wins. It uses less energy and can drastically reduce your energy bills. It’s less costly in terms of maintenance and installation. Unlike an air conditioner that requires complex installation processes, an air cooler is easy to fix, and you don’t need an expert to do it.

Final thoughts

Evaporative air coolers are an excellent way of cooling your home. They are effortless to install and with no need for high-maintenance costs. They are perfect for hot and dry areas and are currently available in small and portable designs.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.