Anti-agent group to protest in 10 or more cities this weekend

20 August 2020 | Renting

Anti-agent group to protest in 10 or more cities this weekend

The anti-letting agent group ACORN is to stage protests in 10 to 15 UK cities this weekend according to an activists’ body, the Radical Housing Network.

It puts the ACORN protests at the top of a list of action in the coming days to protest against the lifting of the evictions ban after five months.

Protests by other activists’ groups include ones outside the Royal Courts of Justice on London’s Strand on both Sunday and Monday, and then protests by the London Renters Union at “various locations around London” on the first day without the ban – Monday August 24.

The Bristol-based ACORN group describes itself as “a community-based union of working class people” and does not give locations or details of the protests on its own website. However, it says it has collaborated with Generation Rent, the London Renters Union and the New Economic Foundation over anti-eviction policies.

In March this year ACORN was accused of intimidation of female staff during a protest outside and inside an agency branch in Lancaster in Lancashire.

Local media there reported on a protest outside the Mighty Student Letting Agency, alleging unfair charges being levied: according to the agency, the protest turned nastier when activists entered the branch, although ACORN strongly denies any wrongdoing.

As far back as 2015 Letting Agent Today reported on ACORN activists in Bristol protesting outside and inside offices; other protests by the same group have been in held in Nottingham and earlier this year in Manchester.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.