All Change! How the pandemic has shifted tenants’ demands

8 April 2021 | Renting

All Change! How the pandemic has shifted tenants’ demands

It’s not just the owner occupier whose property demands have changed radically because of the pandemic – a new survey suggests it’s the same for tenants.

Some 26 per cent say their priorities have shifted in a survey conducted for property finance firm Wayhome.

Previously highly valued amenities such as an easy commute to work, close proximity to restaurants and being near public transport are now less important. 


When asked which property features had become more important since March 2020, 26 per cent said having the space for a proper home office was increasingly critical. That need for decent office space rose to 30 per cent for parents, compared to 22 per cent for non-parents.

And 30 per cent of renters wanted more space in general with 24 per cent specifying a larger bedroom in particular; an average 36 per cent said access to a private garden had become more important to them, but this proportion increased rapidly amongst older tenants.

Similarly, a fifth of all respondents felt living near a public garden or green space was important to them, and the same number prioritised being near friends and family – a feature that resonated higher among women than men. 

The research was conducted amongst 1,000 private renters in mid-March.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.