Airbnb reveals ‘command centre’ to curb New Year’s Eve revellers

22 December 2020 | Renting

Airbnb reveals ‘command centre’ to curb New Year’s Eve revellers

Airbnb has unveiled a set of restrictions which it is operating across the UK – and the rest of western Europe – in a bid to avoid short lets being abused in a Covid-unsafe way.

The firm says the approach is to be “anchored” by a two-night minimum stay in houses for guests without a history of positive reviews.

This follows up previous restrictions announced over the summer and autumn, including a new 16-person occupancy cap. 


Feedback from US customers – where one-night stays were prohibited during the Halloween period – has helped fuel the short lets platform’s approach to New Year’s Eve in the UK.

So guests without a positive review will not be able to book a single-night stay; those with positive reviews will be allowed to make one night bookings. 

Technology will also be used to prevent multiple two night bookings within the same location, to avoid people circumnavigating the new rules. 

And Airbnb says: “All guests globally with successful bookings must attest that they will not throw an unauthorized party and that they may be pursued legally by Airbnb if they break our rules on parties and events.”

The platform is to provide additional guidance to landlords in the UK, “including updating and proactively communicating their house rules to guests” while Airbnb itself will operate what it calls “a virtual command centre to get ahead of any issues, along with trained safety agents on call throughout New Year’s Eve.”

This year Airbnb has introduced new cleaning protocols and other restrictions in a bid to its bookings being used to ‘get around’ local Covid restrictions.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.