Agents must be ultra-responsive to tenant complaints during pandemic

28 April 2021 | Renting

Agents must be ultra-responsive to tenant complaints during pandemic

The managing director of Fixflo, Rajeev Nayyar, says the pandemic has changed the context in which agents should view tenants’ complaints.

In a video interview for Letting Agent Today Nayyar says that with so many people working from home, shielding or just respecting lockdowns, there is much more intensity given to any complaints about the condition of their homes.

Likewise he says it’s critical to remember context – so whereas, for example, good broadband connectivity would previously be a quality of life issue, it’s now fundamental for tenants working from home.


Nayyar – in an interview with LAT’s Chris Buckler, himself an agent – says this heightening of demands is going to increase over time thanks to changing laws and the mood music making tenants feel more emboldened to request improvements to their homes. 

Nayyar is already well known and well respected in this industry, and his interview has fascinating insights into how he believes agents should improve their branding, marketing and content.

You can see it below in this five minute interview.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.