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Age UK is latest charity to call for repeal of Section 21

12 June 2020 | Renting

Age UK is latest charity to call for repeal of Section 21

Age UK is the latest campaigning charity to call for the repeal of S21 and the introduction of greater controls over evictions in the private rental sector.

It says that over 750,000 people aged 60 or over are unable to have security of tenure into their older age because they rent from a private landlord. 

“The way the system works means renters are never on sure footing. That’s stressful and uncertain for anyone, but it’s even harder as you get older and need more stability” says the charity.

And it blames “skyrocketing rents” for leaving one in three older renters in poverty after their rent is paid.

“For someone just scraping by on a pension, that might mean missing meals or switching off the heating just to keep a roof over their head” it claims.

The organisation claims that scrapping S21 would give all renters the security they deserve.

“Although this would mean the abolition of ‘no fault evictions’ landlords will still to be able to gain possession on legitimate grounds and tenants will still have the flexibility to move on if their circumstances change” it claims.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.