Advantages of Using Wood Look Tiles to Furnish Floors

25 March 2020 | Construction

If you have always wanted a modern floor adorned with the beautiful natural textures of woods, wood look tiles offer the perfect solution as your floor materials.

People all around the globe like the textures and authenticity of woods and timber. Due to their characteristics they are very popular as material to furnish floors. While the natural textures are very aesthetically pleasing, woods also offer the option of burnishing.

Wood Look Tiles

Wood Look Tiles3

In the modern, contemporary homes; the trend is now to use stoneware tiles that look like timbers and woods. These tiles offer the benefits of both worlds – the natural textures of woods, as well as the durability of stoneware. Wood look tiles are also very versatile, making them useful to furnish any spaces of your home and other structures. Once installed, these tiles would keep the floors looking gorgeous for many years to come. Wood look tiles are durable, easy to clean, yet as appealing as the textures of the natural woods.

The durability of Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Wood Look Tiles1
Refin stoneware tiles have a water absorption rate of 0.2% and are resistant to fire, stains, and any dramatic change in weather. Besides, they are also resistant to impacts, wears, and tears; making them essentially timeless material.

Style Choices of Wood Look Tiles

Wood Look Tiles2
Thanks to the advancement of tile manufacturing technology, porcelain stoneware tiles can be made to provide the unique, natural look of woods and timbers, as the final result. In fact, as seen in the collection offered by Refin, these tiles can not only look like natural timbers such as oak, or herringbone; they can also be produced to recreate a unique wooden texture of their own. Some of the popular collections include:

  • Sessile Oak
  • Cedar Woods
  • Chestnut Woods
  • French Herringbone
  • Hungarian point of Chevron

Furthermore, if you are a fan of the emotional effects of a traditional Japanese burning wood texture, or any other textures attained through artisanal weathering; you would get a few different collections to choose from. The color also varies, depicting the variety of natural colors, as well as the authentic colors of old, aged and weathered woods. A worn-out wooden texture isn’t hard to find either.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.