8 Tips to Childproof Windows and Blinds

12 May 2020 | Construction

As a parent of a growing child or a new born baby, you want to do everything to prevent them from any danger that is lurking outside. But still many dangers are still overlooked. Even choosing the perfect window treatment that match your décor can pose danger to your child’s safety.

National Window Cord Safety Month celebrated in October urges the parents every year to childproof window blinds in order to minimize the strangulation hazards. If you are figuring how to make window blinds child safe, here are the tips.

Childproof Windows and Blinds2

  1. Keep furniture away from windows –Toddlers when they are in a growing stage have a habit to climb wherever they can. Keep furniture away from the windows in order to stop them from pulling any cord. You can’t stop them to not touch anything that’s harmful. So the best way is make it impossible for them to reach. This thing can work until they’re old enough to understand.
  2. Cut the Cord – The easiest and quickest way to childproof your window covering sis by cutting the cords to length they cannot reach. Don’t think that hiding the cord behind the blind will do the trick. They somehow will also explore it one day and it could prove fatal.
  3. Install motorized blinds – Motorized window blinds are the safest way to safeguard your kids and pets from choking or strangulation hazards. Automation is a must now to ensure safety for kids. The batteries are hidden, no chances of entanglement. Your window coverings will last longer due to reduced manual pulling up and pulling down.
  4. Window stoppers – If you are living on a higher floor, window stoppers can ensure that window open to a certain distance, 4 inches at most. There are many window stoppers available in stores and online. See what fits your window and your requirements. Smooth movement is very important as sometimes the windows get stuck and it is difficult to close the window.
  5. Window guards – True, they look like jail bars and might not be the aesthetic you were looking for. But you can open your windows and let the breeze in without worrying about kids’ safety. You can find them online or even get it custom designed from the home improvement stores.
  6. Wrap ‘em up – If there is no way you can cut the cords or afford cordless lift system, you can bundle them up against the wall – at a height not easy to reach. Cord cleat can work for you. Look for them in any hardware store and secure it tightly against the wall. This is an affordable and another way to childproof your windows.
  7. Window Alarms – This is an added security where parents can install window alarm. When your kids are able to open their window, it sounds an alarm and alerts you to take a quick action.
  8. Teach them – It all starts with educating the child how to be safe with window blinds. If your child does not know why he/she should not fiddle with the cords, there are every chance that they will. When you educate them and later when you find them breaking rules, you’ve all the rights to punish them.

Childproof Windows and Blinds1

Knowing how to childproof your windows will bring peace of mind and make family time more fun and relaxing. Follow some of the above mentioned tips and add another layer of protection to your homes.

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This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.