5 Ways How Granite Counter Tops Can Increase A Home’s Value

27 April 2020 | Construction

If you are preparing for a kitchen or bathroom renovation project, opting for stunning granite or other natural stone countertops, it can do a lot more than just enhancing the look of your space. Granite is the most favorable option for countertop materials since it can boost your home’s value and help you save on installation fees. Many homeowners choose natural stone or granite countertops because it can raise the value of your home.

Here are five reasons how opting for granite can boost your property value.

Granite Is A Timeless Option

Granite has attained its appeal and recognition for decades for various reasons, including its natural strength, durability and of course, beauty. The veining, colors and marbling are natural, and no two slabs of granite is equal. If you have concerns about making your home more appealing to prospective buyers and adding value to your property, choosing granite with its earthy and neutral tones such as brown, black or white it a solid investment. Granite has remained a well-liked option for homeowners throughout the decades.

It Offers Strength And Longevity

Offers Strength And Longevity

Buyers are leaning towards houses that feature durable materials that will not have to be substituted in the near future. Unlike butcher block, solid surface and laminate countertops, natural stone is inherently exceptionally durable and can last for years with minimal maintenance. Granite in Maryland is among the hardest materials on earth, plus it is scratch resistant. Countertops produced from this type of stone are an excellent choice for active households since it is also heat resistant.

Granite Provides A High Return On Your Investment

You can ask any real estate agent about the kitchens that usually sell a home. An upgraded kitchen is one of the most common items that buyers look at, however renovating a kitchen does not have to break the bank. Minor to moderate upgrades of $20000 to $25000 can provide you with the highest return on your investment of about ninety to hundred percent.

This might include the option of updating your kitchen with granite countertops, since most homebuyers view granite as a premium countertop material.

Granite Necessitate Low Maintenance

Granite necessitates only periodic cleaning, polishing and sealing, all of which you can do by yourself by using granite-safe products which are easily found at hardware stores. Low maintenance is a substantial selling point for buyers because they are not faced with frequent or complicated maintenance hassles.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Unlike various other countertop materials available on the market that necessitate harmful manufacturing processes, granite is quarried from the earth and is a natural material that does not contain any damaging chemicals. Granite can be honed and polished before installation, with no manufacturing processes involved. If it is maintained appropriately, granite countertops can last for a lifetime which lowers the amount of waste landing up at landfills. Frequent cleaning is among the essential stages in granite countertop maintenance. If you want to learn more about the cleaning involved for granite, marble, slate, quartz and other types of stone, be sure to inquire from a professional to ensure it is done correctly.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.