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5 Tips For Summer-Proofing Your Home

29 May 2020 | Construction

If you live in a location that gets considerably hot during the summer months, then it’s about time to start bracing yourself for the heat. Rather than living in misery during the warmer months, it’s in your best interest to make your home as comfortable as possible. The way you go about doing that is summer proofing your home. Doing so will not only keep you cool, but it will also keep your bills down. Take a look at some of the best tips for summer proofing your home once the heat strikes.

Use Fans When Possible


Installing an air conditioner is a very effective way to keep your home cool. However, there are a substantial amount of costs involved with using an air conditioning system. Beyond the initial unit and installation fee, you’ll also have to pay a hefty electric bill.

When possible, use fans as an alternative. It’s possible to set up fans throughout various windows of your house so that it creates a suction effect. One window will blow hot air out, and the other window will bring cool air in. Just make sure that your windows have screens so you will avoid any unwanted pests like mosquitoes coming in.

Insulate Your Home

Although most people associate insulation with keeping your home warm, believe it or not, adding insulation can keep your house cool also. The better insulated that your home is the last cool air that they’ll leak.

It may cost money to properly insulate your home, however, the cost that you’ll save on energy bills will quickly pay for itself in no time.

Get Better Windows 


Did you know that energy-efficient windows can make a huge amount of difference in keeping your house cool?

However, not all windows are created equally. Energy-efficient windows should be made by a reputable brand, or else it’s not worth spending your money on.

Get a Lighter Roof

Little did you know that your black roof is adding to the amount of heat that your home is soaking up from the sun. Painting your roof white will bounce light and heat back out rather than be absorbed by your home.

In fact, you can see thousands of dollars less in your overall energy bills over the years by changing the color of your roof to a lighter shade.

Plant Trees


Although it may not be an immediate solution, planting trees can be something that will help your house stay cool as the years go by. The shade that trees provide is an affordable way to keep the sun away without having to pay a monthly bill.  Trees are also a beautiful addition to your home so you can’t go wrong!

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.