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5 Home Improvements That Can Save You Money

10 May 2020 | Construction

Once homeowners think of the words home improvement, they immediately think that it is going to cost a fortune. However, some home improvement projects can end up saving you money in the long run and is worth investing in.

Security System

Home security system are substantial deterrents to criminals. They are efficient since they can quickly alert homeowners when someone tries to break in. Monitored systems warn local authorities who will then investigate the cause for the alarm. Irrespective of whether you have ever had a break-in, a security system can still save you on home insurance premiums every year. Many insurance agencies offer a discount on premiums if a security system is installed at the property.

Smart Thermostat

smart screen with smart home apps on wall in modern living room

Installing and programming a smart thermostat, can offer savings from the get-go. Smart thermostats are designed to switch off when no one is around, targeting temperatures to only provide heating or cooling requirements for occupied rooms. Smart thermostats can be accessed via an app, to give you control irrespective if you are home or not.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Modern-day smart lighting is available in various forms and shapes, from light-emitting diodes (LED lights) that are energy-efficient to automated lighting systems, halogen incandescent, and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Check out Viribright for all your lighting needs.

Occupancy or motion sensors is an excellent method of leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms since they switch lights on or off reacting to movement. Light which are controlled via home automation can save you money on utility bills by permitting you to control lights remotely, pre-setting lights to turn off or switch on at specific times during the day, and also analyzing lighting usage to allow you to implement energy-efficient options. Energy-efficient lights can last 3-25 times longer than conventional globes, plus you can install them yourself.

Entire House Fan

Entire House Fan

If you reside in a warm climate and your home is equipped with attic vents, whole house fan could substantially reduce your air conditioning bill. Such large industrial-size fans can be installed in the attic and operate by drawing air through the windows and pushing it through your attic vents. The fans allow a cool breeze to travel through the home and can act as substitute for an AC unit during warm summer nights. A whole house fan can be synced with your home automation system, allowing you more control over the house.

Solar Panels

Solar panels keep enhancing. The prices for solar equipment have become more affordable. Their capacity for capturing the sun’s photons and converting them to power, is becoming more effective and the technology keeps enhancing, changing as solar shingles start emerging as a more preferred item. Such an investment is viable since an average rooftop solar system can pay back the homeowner in 7-11 years. The sooner solar panels are installed, the more you will start noticing average savings and a reduced energy bill. Once your electricity bill starts plummeting, you can expect tax credits and solar panels can offer an average of fifteen thousand dollars to your home’s value.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.