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4 of the Best Ways to Decorate Properties with High Ceilings

6 January 2021 | Construction

Decorating a property, whether a house or a commercial site, is always an exciting journey. It is an opportunity to breath a fresh breathe of life into the property, making it a better place to live or work. It may involve something as simple as hanging up a few paints or replacing the light, or perhaps a more thorough task like repainting the walls and ceilings.


Every property certainly comes with its own pros and cons and one of the biggest nightmares for any budding decorator is the dreaded high ceilings! However, don’t let that put you off following through with your dream decorating project. Nothing is out of the reams of possibility when it comes to designing the perfect space. It may be a more convoluted and expensive process, but there are ways you can work around a high ceiling.

Intelligent Scaffolding is a specialist scaffolding firm based in Liverpool. They provide commercial and personal customers throughout the UK with a range of services including construction scaffolding, scaffolding hoists, Manchester scaffolding, and safety netting. With the years of experience Intelligent Scaffolding’s team has built among them, they have plenty of practice in working on home improvement and renovation projects.

Intelligent Scaffolding have kindly provided us with this article which looks at four of the best methods you can use to decorate properties with high ceilings.

Extendable Ladders

The extendable ladder is one of the most popular types of equipment for this job and certainly adequate enough for basic jobs. Extendable ladders can reach anywhere from 2 metres to a fantastic 10 metres, so they’re capable of being flexible for a wide range of ceiling heights. You just simply slide and lock the ladder into place and climb. These ladders are perhaps not best for people who prefer a platform to stand on, nor is there a way to place and store equipment while you work.


As a scaffolding specialist, of course we at Intelligent Scaffolding have to mention our core service! Scaffolds are one of the more flexible and safe products you can use to reach high areas. These systems can be custom designed to reach areas of any size, and are very accessible no matter the scale of the job. If scaffolding is suitable for construction of new properties and large renovation projects, you can certainly rest assured that they’ll also be more than ideal for smaller decoration jobs. When assembled correctly, the scaffolding should lock into place and provide a safe and sturdy platform for you to do you work. There will usually be enough space and weight support for the scaffolding to hold multiple people and equipment, making sure job easy, safe and effective. For a greater peace of mind and if the situation calls for it, you can invest in safety netting to keep yourself and others safe.

Combination Ladders

A combination ladder is relatively similar to normal ladders, except there are several sections that can affect how it is assembled, providing you with more flexibility to set up the ladder as needed. Rather than a ladder that goes straight up, behind the ladder is another section of the ladder to keep it in place. This is especially usually when you can’t rest the ladder against a wall. Some combination ladders even come with a platform. This allows you to safely stand on a study platform in the middle of the ladder, and you can safely place any equipment you need.

Extension Poles

If all your decorating project involves is painting, then you can possibly get by with an extension pole. Available in different sizes, this allows you to apply paint to a brush and then attach the brush to an extendable pole. You just need to lock the brush into position so that it doesn’t twist and you can then hold the pole up and brush away until your arm gets tired!

This post has originally been featured in UK Home Improvement Blog.