3 Benefits That Will Make You Consider Casement Windows

15 June 2020 | Construction

Casement windows are windows that are opened and closed like doors. They’re attached to side-mounted hinges. In a majority of models, a crank on the interior side of a home is rotated as the sash opens and closes. A tensioning device holds the sash firmly in place when the sash is fully open. A latch on the inside of the house tightly pulls the sash against the window frame’s weather stripping when the sash is closed. Here are some of the benefits of installing casement windows.

1. Fully open window

No other window other than casement windows can fully open. They can provide your home with more natural ventilation and light. In addition, they’re easy to open and close using single-lever latches, tandem latches, or automatic openers. Double-hung windows can only have the top or bottom half of the window open. Sliding windows can only have one side of the window open, and fixed windows can’t open at all.
Fully open window

2. Clear view

Many people enjoy the clear, unobstructed view that fixed windows provide. Unfortunately, these types of windows can’t be opened. Casement windows provide this same clear, unobstructed view while also being able to open. All other window types have something which obscures your view outside. Double-hung and single-hung windows have a horizontal strip in the middle because they are composed of two sashes. Vertical strips obscure the view of slider windows. Also, if you desire to have strips in the future, casement windows can be adjusted to have them.

3. Variety of styles

Casement windows come in a variety of styles you can choose from. The single-frame version is the most common style. It’s one window frame holding a single pane or multiple panes of glass separated by wooden strips. The double casement windows are a pair of casement windows that open out and meet in the middle when closed. These are also called French windows. Push-out casement windows are pushed out and held open through special operating systems. These can come in single-frame and double-frame styles.
Variety of styles
In addition to the different styles, you can choose different materials for the framing. Options include frames crafted with aluminum, steel, or wood. As it relates to wooden casement window frames, they’re usually installed unfinished, which allows you to paint or stain them in any style that suits your home. Wood frames don’t become as cold as the other types, and they can also minimize condensation. Wooden Casement Windows by Lomax & Wood can provide you more information about this type of window. One of the easiest to have installed is aluminum casement windows. They’re light and durable. They can also help to protect against moisture buildup and are insulated to prevent heat loss. Steel can provide a nice old-world charm, but keep in mind that using this material can be pricier than the others.

All of these benefits make casement windows an intriguing option to consider for your home. If you decide to go with this option, be sure to find a qualified professional to install your window.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.